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Hummus Throwdown Part III March 17, 2011

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For the third year in a row, I hosted a hummus competition. This year we had a record-setting 11 entries and the best contenders ever.
Some contenders were classic Israeli style creamy with basic ingredients of tahini, chickpea and olive oil, while others pushed the chickpea, adding strong flavors of peppers, feta and even cinnamon.
The winner, Teira, was one of the more creative entries and her jalapeno/red pepper spiced hummus won by a landslide.

She received a $70 gift certificate to the fantastic Israeli restaraunt, Zahav. In Israel, the merits of various neighborhood’s hummus are debated as a matter of local pride. One Israeli guest said that the innovative entries would not fly. Another responded, “That’s what we do in America. We take something classic and add a bunch of junk to it.” If that doesn’t inspire you for Hummus Throwdown Part IV, you should probably just stick with peanut-butter.


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