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Lipstick Checkmate: The Play Like a Girl Trailer February 15, 2011

Posted by Jennifer in : art,books,chess,feminism , trackback

The Play Like a Girl! Tactics by 9 Queens (Mongoose Press, 2011) trailer is live.

Even though I’m hardly a make-up fiend, I was able to find 70% of the pieces in mostly abandoned make-up bags and vanity drawers.

Finding sixteen of one item was the main problem, but lipstick was the clear aesthetic and conceptual choice. A thirty dollar Chanel lipstick, purchased because I cannot afford anything else Chanel, co-mingled with one buck steals at the drugstore bargain bin. A pawn is still just a pawn.

Enjoy some stills from the shoot and pick up a copy of the book on 9queens.org, amazon, Mongoosepress or USCF Sales.


1. lora - February 17, 2011

Go girl

2. EdS - February 19, 2011

I love it when women “own” their gender!! It’s so good to see so many strong females, women who can embarrass me, a male, at so many things. Okay, here comes a stupid male comment I just seem to be compelled to make for real good reason: I love Jennifer’s red hair and blue eyes!! :D

3. EdS - February 19, 2011

Opps – “for NO real good reason… See above comment.

4. milad - February 22, 2011

can you send me a pdf of your book?

5. Anonymous - July 27, 2011

…………………Guardar playlist….Borrar todo……………….Anadir a nueva playlist……….Aceptar……..Cancelar….

6. Anonymous - July 28, 2011

………….. Hardcover 100 pages Publisher Mongoose Press February 16 2011 Language English ISBN-10 9781936277032 ISBN-13 978-1936277032 ASIN 1936277034 Product Dimensions 11 x 8.5 x 0.5 ……..Play Like a Girl! ……….If you think that playing like a girl implies a timid passive approach to chess you re in for a big surprise!

7. jennifershahade.com » Play Like a Girl in Orlando - August 6, 2011

[...] Play Like a Girl for your sister, mom or friend. If you want to learn more about Play Like a Girl, see the book trailer and an in-depth (and very flattering) review on Chess Vibes. Or if you’re more in the mood [...]

8. flash - February 9, 2012

.If you think that playing like a girl implies a timid passive approach to chess you re in for a big surprise!

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