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Play Like a Girl! Tactics by 9 Queens February 10, 2011

Posted by Jennifer in : books,chess,feminism , trackback

My new book, Play Like a Girl! Tactics by 9 Queens has arrived. The book is filled with chess puzzles and combinations, all executed by female players and is a perfect “prequel” to my first book, Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport. All the author royalties go to 9 Queens initiatives to bring chess to inner-city youth and girls. Find out more on the Mongoose Press homepage and look for more details coming soon.


1. Ryan - February 11, 2011

Thanks for this. I am a terrible chess player but love the fact my first grade daughter enjoys playing the game with me. Being at that age she is always wanting to hear about girls doing things that interest her. It really means a good deal to me as a father to have material like this out there to show to her and let her see there are strong women doing well in things that interest her.

I ordered the book tonight and can’t wait to go through it with her!

2. Tom Amlin - February 19, 2011

Could you post some examples from the book, and some additional information, like how many puzzles, etc. My girlfriends 7 yr old daughter likes playing chess with me. She is still learning the moves but has asked about playing from a book.
Thank you!

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