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PCA Ladies Bahamas Gallery January 20, 2011

Posted by Jennifer in : poker,travel , trackback

I just got back from Paradise Island in the Bahamas, where I played in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventures Ladies Event, held at the overpriced but spectacular Atlantis Resort. Ricki Lake (yes, that Ricki Lake!) busted me with AK>ATs in a standard spot about seven levels in. I did have some interesting hands earlier in the tournament, which I’ll share later.

As you can see from the photo from my hotel room balcony, the Atlantis was an easy place to enjoy. The waterslides and aquarium made me feel like a kid again and it was lovely to meet and drink with people I had previously only known from their online screen-names. I actually felt sad to leave at the end of the trip, which is rare for me–I’m usually excited to get back to Philly.

The photo gallery below includes shots from the tournament, the resort and Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Also look for my full recap later this month on PokerStarsWomen.com. Many congrats to Change 100 (Kristin Bihr) who took down the tournament for almost 30K and wrote a candid recap rich in details on her blog, Pot Committed.

What were the chances that the final four would be all blonde? I came up with about 50 to 1.

Daniel tapping the glass.

A statue of Columbus and Bahamian schoolchildren.

A cannon used as a horizontal trash can.

At this point the tournament was down to just four players, including Team Pokerstars Pro and writer Vicky Coren and the eventual winner, Kristin Bihr.

Talk show host & actress Ricki Lake and Poker Player/tax attorney Jamie Kerstetter

Maryann Morrison, the editor of Woman Poker Player Magazine and producer of Women’s Poker Hour

Lauren Kling, highstakes tournament player and PCA Ladies Event runner-up.

Carmelita Cothron (left), who won 100K on PokerStars’ Million Dollar Challenge and Stella Davila (right) a Women’s Poker League regular.

Kalik, a Bahamian beer drunk in spades by poker players last week.


1. Jo - January 26, 2011

Great interview and blog. It is a fantabulous resort:)
Correction – Carmelita is not Tenstiks. The gal next to her is Stella who goes by Tenstiks
See you when they get the Ladies League back up.

2. Jennifer - January 27, 2011

Hi Jo! Thanks, I did meet Stella in Bahamas, I think I just wrote the caption in a confusing way so I fixed it. Look forward to playing the Ladies League again. I miss it! Cheers, Jennifer

3. Carmenlita - February 7, 2011

Enjoyed the blog, and I appreciates the “shout out” :-)
Can’t wait to see all you wonderful ladies at the next event!
Peace & Blessings

4. Carmenlita - February 7, 2011

Enjoyed the blog, and I appreciate the “shout out” :-)
Can’t wait to see all you wonderful ladies at the next event!
Peace & Blessings

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6. Lea - September 28, 2012

Yes! Finally someone writes about tagesgeld.

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