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Introducing PokerStars Women October 24, 2010

Posted by Jennifer in : feminism,poker,travel , trackback

I’m excited to announce that I am part a brand new team of writers for PokerStars Women! My first article covered Lauren Nakhoneinh Pottmeyer’s (pictured below) big win at the US Ladies Poker Championship. Lauren’s successful but risky road to immigration really put into perspective the vast difference between fortune in life and poker. To be clear, it’s more important to be lucky in the former :)

My second piece for PokerStars Women will detail how to qualify for the Ladies PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) Weekend (January 14-16) and provide basic satellite strategy tips. I’m really psyched to be part of this unique initiative to bring more women into poker via live events, the Women’s Poker League and an online community. Rebekah Mercer, who wrote a profile of me earlier this year in her Examiner column is the Senior Editor while my Women’s Poker Hour co-host Amy Zupko is also a contributing writer.

Speaking of Amy, listen to our latest Women’s Poker Hour shows (also available for free download on itunes!), with Team PokerStars Pros Maria “maridu” Mayrinck, Celina Lin and entrepreneur Ellen Leikind, author of PokerWoman.


1. Loren - October 24, 2010

Love your radio poker show

2. Jeff - October 24, 2010


3. Jo - October 27, 2010

Great read! I hope to see you at PCA.

Was surprised to wake up this am and find you didn’t win last night. Must have been some bad freaking luck:(

See you on the internet.

4. Jo - November 1, 2010

Congrats on your big win! WELL DONE!

5. Halltxholdem - November 1, 2010

Congrats on PCA win! Job well done, I’ll keep trying.

6. Jennifer - November 1, 2010

Hi Jo! Thanks so much for the sweat and the sentiment. @HallTXHoldEm tough game, thanks for finding my site. Hope you both win seats and we can all meet in the Bahamas :)

7. Ssull33 - November 2, 2010

Congrats on PCA! Well-deserved..I’m a perpetual bridesmaid!

8. Anonymous - February 13, 2011

I was actually looking forward to it because how else could a 51-year-old author married for nearly 30 years bond with a young poker player living a rock-star life if I didn t tell him I owned six Cole Haan briefcases and over eighty Montblanc pens?.Without the mall to back me up the closest I could get to common ground was asking him if he d ever been told that he resembled a young Keith Richards. I hope you post something like that. .After that we were much more comfortable together and he shared some great stories and some secrets.. 30K One of John s friends from high school turned him on to Internet poker.

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