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Women’s Poker Hour and the $20 Headphones Rebuy June 5, 2010

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I’m proud to co-host with Amy Zupko, Women’s Poker Hour, a radio show sponsored by womanpokerplayer.com. On our first show (check it out here) , we interviewed the lovely Danielle Benham from Australia, who recently signed with Felt Stars. Danielle is also a blogger and edits Women’s Poker News.

In the next edition of Woman’s Poker Hour, I’ll talk about my go around at the 2010 Ladies World Series of Poker (coming up in just a week!) and my lesson with professional poker player and entreprenuer Vanessa Rousso. One of Vanessa’s pet projects, Big Slick Bootcamps, donated a private Rousso lesson to a freeroll I won on womanpokerplayer.com.

A Tale of Two Headsets

About four years ago, I went to a RadioShack and bought the cheapest skype headset in the store. With that headset, I commented on chess.fm shows from the World Championships to the US Chess League. The sound was OK, but I’d often pop an advil or four during the broadcasts, cause the headphones smashed my ears together and gave me wicked headaches.

This April, I lost a 10:1 chip lead in a heads-up match which would qualify me directly to a tournament I really wanted to play in Monte Carlo. The value of first was around $4500 while second was just $600. Afterwards, I ripped a glossy art magazine and a New Yorker to shreds, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to destroy a heavier item. Keyboard and monitors were too dear to my blogger’s survival instinct and NO WAY was I hurting googie (my pet name for my google phone.) So the target of my rage was bound to be those headphones of many headaches. On the other side of the Atlantic, the villain, Atheanna from Oslo was probably popping champagne as I smashed plastic. It was the first time I ever broke something after losing in poker (or chess for that matter), and hopefully the last.

I’ve moved up in the World, so when the time came that I needed a headset, I went to Staples and picked the most expensive one in the store. Could I win back the love of my ears, which had endured so many years of helix abuse? “Yes,” said the soft fabric of the new headset, massaging my ears. Unfortunately, the new headphones distance the sound of my voice on the receiving end, reducing the pleasure of the listeners. Well for most listeners at least. People seem to either love or hate my voice. The majority like me, but detractors are vocal and graphic, like one ICC troll who said I reminded him of a strangled cat. It alarms me that anyone would know how that sounds–I’m clasping my hands around my neck now to try it: meogwghwgh.

So after a much anticipated week in the City of Sin, I’ll rebuy those earphones of frugal days. Then armed with a bottle of Motrin, I’ll call Amy, and the stories from Las Vegas will flow.


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