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New Poker Rule: Queens Outrank Kings April 23, 2010

Posted by Jennifer in : feminism,poker , trackback

Women have won two major mixed poker titles in a row, which should be a boon to attracting more women to the male dominated game. Vanessa Selbst won the North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun event, good for a $750,000 cash. Meanwhile, Liv Boeree won EPT San Remo for €1.25 million. I watched the San Remo final three on the live webcast and Liv’s staredowns were incredible. Freeze frame from one to the left. I rarely stare at people intentionally in poker or in life, but this got me wondering if I should start.

Vanessa Selbst’s blog entry on NAPT with her hand analysis was great, the kind of thing that inspires me to improve in poker. I also listened to an interview with Vanessa on pokercast where she talked about how important it was for her to be a role model to young girls, who rarely see openly gay figures in the media–great thing to say. I voted for Selbst to make it into the WSOP tournament of champions event and will definitely be checking her blog out regularly, in spite of gray text on black background.

I played next to Vanessa Selbst in the 2007 Ladies World Series of Poker–we had just broke down to the final two tables, I was super-short and she was seated to my left. I was not happy about having to shove with almost any two into her monstrous stack but met an even worse fate getting all my money in preflop a few hands later. I had AQo in the Big Blind against JJ (who raised two off the button) and AA (who re-raised in the Small Blind). The woman with aces was upset that JJ sucked out on the river to knock her out, and had some nasty words about my play. I remember being consoled by the fact that Selbst said I was right to go in (assuming I lacked major reads on the first two raisers).

Liv, the ultimate modern Renaissance woman, seems to have enthralled the entire 2+2 community. Well you gotta be either enamored or intimidated by an astrophysicist/guitar-playing/model/journalist/poker champion. Seems made up right? Check out the following clip of Liv interviewing Ron Jeremy, which shows that she thinks a level ahead of the porn star– in his own game:


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