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The Wire: Bodie is a Chess Talent, Omar Curses!? November 6, 2009

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I’m rewatching my beloved showThe Wire from start to finish. The first time around, I watched the series with my brother, who insisted on subtitles to catch every nuance of dialog including street and police slang. Recently, Jezebel had a post on turning the drama into a comedy with subtitles . “It kind of reminds of scenes from that comedy Airplane! when two black guys speak and subtitles appear on the screen.” I think this is ridiculous and overly PC, and I generally love being politically correct (and Jezebel). Watching a show as great as The Wire with subtitles can deepen your appreciation of the dialogue and boiling it down to a comic racism sketch from 1980 is inane.

I just finished episode three, “The King Stay the King”, which includes the famous scene in which D’Angelo teaches Bodie and Little Man how to play chess. “You can’t play no checkers on no chess board”, may have inspired this hilarious clip. I wish Chess Bitch had included the D’Angelo line: “The Queen Aint No Bitch, she has all the moves.” If you’re not a Bodie fan, you have to watch this scene again, cause it shows that of all the characters on The Wire, Bodie may not have the biggest heart or sharpest brain, but he has the most chess talent.

My big problem with this episode: Omar curses!! When in a car spying on Barksdale’s crew, he describes the way they hide their stash as some “raggedy ass shit.” One of Omar’s hallmarks is that he never harms or robs anyone who is not involved in drug dealing, and he never curses. But he cursed in this episode. Unless “shit” and “ass” don’t count as real curses and only the f-bomb counts? Speaking of which, there are too many curses in this post to put it in my CLO blog, which is a shame cause otherwise, “D’Angelo teaching chess” could be a good clip for beginners.