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Hulachess on the news! October 15, 2009

Posted by Jennifer in : art,chess,feminism,hooping , trackback

While promoting the US Women’s Championship in Saint Louis (October 3-13), I appeared on a news station to show them how to hulachess. Hulachess was also installed at the opening ceremony at the Contemporary Art Museum Saint Louis. Irina Krush, Tsagaan Battsetseg and Rusudan Goletiani turned out to be natural chess-hoopers. Catch the full story on the opening festivities here.


1. C-Rex - October 19, 2009

“Oh he’s doing fine, CHECK” Hilarious!

2. Steve - November 3, 2009


3. Jerry - March 21, 2010

LOL. That was awesome.

4. After alleged world title ‘blunderfest,’ chess world turns to St. Louis - May 12, 2010

[...] strange to want some exercise while playing — Shahade sometimes gives demonstrations while hula-hooping. (Surely someone is hard at work creating hula-chess for the [...]

5. tj - July 22, 2010

Jennifer, this was a great way to promote chess.
You certainly understand the medium of television, visuals are important and I couldnt stop watching you.
Loved your explaination of chess as well.

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