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Duchamp April 15, 2009

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On this page, I will add information related to, Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess by Francis M.Naumann and Bradley Bailey, with annotations by me! You can purchase the book here. For the book, I analyzed 15 Duchamp games including: a draw against Tartokower, a win against the great Koltinowski and a draw against Vera Menchik, the first Women’s World Champion, who I profiled in Chess Bitch. You can read more about my initial thoughts on the book and Marcel’s play in an earlier blog on jennifershahade.com and a uschess.org blog. Also check out the video below which I created with Dim Mak Films.The video was inspired by this famous photo of Duchamp playing chess against a naked woman.

If you purchased the book and want to access the animated games by Sabrier, click here, (Username=Chess, Password: ISBN Number for Marcel Duchamp: The Art of Chess.) For more information about the book go to Francisnaumann.com.




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