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Chess on the Screen January 16, 2009

Posted by Jennifer in : art,chess , trackback

How awesome was the Checkmates trailer? Please make the whole movie, this is not a joke to me! I need to be cheered up by a full-length tale of star-crossed gamesplayers. It’s nine degrees in Philly and last night my father knocked me and my boyfriend out with Aces against King Jack (two different hands and he slowplayed both times.) I’m also bummed about Universal’s cancellation of the Fischer biopic based on Bobby Fischer Goes to War. I was very curious to see whether they’d stop the film after Fischer beat Spassky, or take it all the way through the nasty bits. 

On the subject of chess and film, look for the chess/9queens cameo in this clip from my friends’ production company. 

Watch dim mak reel in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


I’m also working with DimMak on a chess video art that I’m pretty excited about… check out some still photos from the shoot and look for more details soon.



1. Chuck Jaeger - January 16, 2009

((((Dear Jennifer,))))
Thanks for the laughs, smiles ( and a tear or two) re: Check Mates: I’m a real sucker for fairy tale romance..(the tears) but I was laughing so hard at the absurdity of the chess tournament scene it was hard to catch my breath. I’ll definitely watch the movie.
I wouldn’t fret over the “Bobby Fischer Goes to War” film not getting made. The media hardly ever got it right with respect to Bobby. I first started playing in tournaments around the time we were following the 1972 World Championship with Master Shelby Lyman on Channel 13. It sure caught the world’s attention when in the interzonals he blanked both Mark Taimanov and Bent Larson 6-0 each.. no losses and no draws.. Wow! His sometimes carefully parced words often went over everyone’s head. I wasn’t surprised when he beat Boris Spassky in Belgrade during the return match. It must have been interesting for the famous Polgar sisters having him at their summer home briefly. It’s a shame Goerge H.W. Bush’s “Executive Order” and our State Department made it more difficult for him to have a match with Judit.
I recognized RZA from your article “Hip Hop Variation” (in the January issue of Chess Life) when I saw the 9 Queens & Wu Tang cameo in the Veoh dim mak reel.
LOVE the photos from the chess video art that you’re working with DimMak on.
Rock on Jennifer!
Chuck Jaeger

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3. Amy - March 25, 2009

I’d like to know who was going to play the part of Fisher in that flick.

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