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Chess on the Screen January 16, 2009

Posted by Jennifer in : art,chess , 4 comments

How awesome was the Checkmates trailer? Please make the whole movie, this is not a joke to me! I need to be cheered up by a full-length tale of star-crossed gamesplayers. It’s nine degrees in Philly and last night my father knocked me and my boyfriend out with Aces against King Jack (two different hands and he slowplayed both times.) I’m also bummed about Universal’s cancellation of the Fischer biopic based on Bobby Fischer Goes to War. I was very curious to see whether they’d stop the film after Fischer beat Spassky, or take it all the way through the nasty bits. 

On the subject of chess and film, look for the chess/9queens cameo in this clip from my friends’ production company. 

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I’m also working with DimMak on a chess video art that I’m pretty excited about… check out some still photos from the shoot and look for more details soon.