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A week on Broad Street November 8, 2008

Posted by Jennifer in : politics , trackback

I will remember November 4, 11 PM, 2008 for the rest of my life, and I have the photos to remind me of the details. 

After watching the election results come in at a party in Fairmount, I walked down the Parkway, which was was disappointingly quiet with just occasional "wooooo"’s in the distance. Tens of thousands of Philadelphians had taken the day off on Halloween to celebrate the Phillies World Series victory but where was the Obama Love? As I approached Broad Street, it became clear that Philly was ready to do it up again, in  the same street. Thousands of Obamafans took over both sides of the street, with cops lining the intersections. The party was still on when I left at 1 AM, and although it was boisterous and passionate, there were few signs of alcohol or belligerence.  It was a wonderful experience to see strangers hugging and kissing each other, and people who had probably never considered themselves patriotic wrapping themselves in and waving in the air American flags.

Combined with my joy was a measure of caution during the Halloween, Phillies and Obama celebrations. My negative side wonders, will this be the best week ever for Philadelphia? Will Obama live up to his promise?  I think that even if Obama does not prove to be a great president, the patriotism and connection that he engendered in so many millions of America will remain. Obama did not so much create new love for America as unearth it…. I definitely feel like a different person, more connected and curious about the future. 

Because my last photo quiz was criticized for being too difficult, I present a very easy challenge. Which of the following photos were from the November 4 midnight celebration on Broad Street, and which were from the October 31 Phillies celebration?

Me on Broad Street
Celebrating on buses and on roofs
Thousands celebrated with City Hall in the distance
A hand and a helicopter

An ecstatic week for me!
A Strong Middle Class would definitely come in handy during what looks to be shaping up to be the "D-Word"
In a busy week for Philly cops, women could feel uh...safe, with this guy around.
Dancing on cars to celebrate Obama's win.
Working his way to the front of the crowd


Greg Shahade and Susan Lin


One of many celebratory embraces
A cardboard Obama joins the celebration!

 The last photo was taken just minutes after 11  PM, Nov.4 with author and letter writer Samara O’Shea. We were at a party with delicious blue cupcakes, and upon arrival I vowed to indulge only when Obama was declared #44, but of course I resisted temptation for about… 44 seconds. I felt a lot better when I read an interview with a cake artist in Buffalo who sketched our president elect with 1240 cupcakes. Clearly, Obama had all the cupcake karma he needed.


1. Slawomir - November 9, 2008

I’ll go with 2,4,6,8,10 Phillies. We’ll see if rhetoric equals deeds that bring serious change or if it was just a case of diarrhea of the mouth.

2. C-Rex - November 10, 2008

There was dancing in the streets here in Seattle as well. Thanks for the pics Jenn!

3. Shelby - November 10, 2008

Texas went for McCain, but Harris County (Houston) went for Obama!

Maybe in 4 to 8 years Texas will be a serious swing state!

4. Chuck Jaeger - November 11, 2008

The odd numbered pics + 14. I agree with Oprah Winfrey who said “It feels like hope won.” e4 :-)

5. ted - November 11, 2008

love the pics! what a night to remember

6. Carlo - January 11, 2009

And we can see now how much “change” Obama has ushered in, picking old Clinton and even Bush (!) hands for his cabinet. And 40% of his “sstimulus package” consists of tax breaks for corporations, not actual spending. Obie’s a Republican in Democrat’s clothing, nothing more.

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