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Chocolate Chess Boxing September 4, 2008

Posted by Jennifer in : art,chess , trackback

As a present for my brother Greg for his work on chessvideos.com, an artist from Denmark, Carina Jørgensen created this web illustration of a game between my brother and me. Some of the details from the photo come from a match that I played against Greg three years ago, in a psycho-geography event organized by an artist I met in Brooklyn, Sharilyn Neidhardt. Greg and I played a normal game (a draw), while our moves were transmitted via cell-phone to 32 adults and children who stood on a grid of street corners, waiting to be told where to move.  

Check out Carina’s website: In addition to chess and art, she also trains in martial arts, and is pictured in boxing gloves on her bio page.

Many of my hybrid chess and promotional ideas like chess-spinning (integrated chess/music competitions), chess gambling and marathon chess, have yet to happen. Meanwhile, the chessboxing people truly have their act together- there is a World Chess Boxing Organization based in Berlin and a chessboxing newswire.  I’m shocked they haven’t contacted me yet- I am from Philly like Rocky, I wrote Chess Bitch, and the only reason I ever won two U.S. women’s titles is because my fighting spirit trumped my  poor calculating skills. Isn’t it obvious that I’d be a great chess-boxer with practice on quick mates and how to protect myself from blows to the brain? I’m going to start training soon– I’ll see you on the steps.



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